I Fell Off My Bike Today


This is only perhaps the third time I’ve fallen off my bike and I’ve probably only fallen in total a dozen times in my life.  I’m not used to it, never having played football or rugby, never been a goalie or learned to skate.  It was quite a shock to feel my bike sliding out from under me, so slowly that I could process what was happening, but too quickly for me to do anything consciously about it.  I ended up on my side with the bike on top of me, at the time it appeared that my hip and hand took all of the impact, but now it’s clear that the whole of my side – ankle to shoulder – suffered a little. 

I woke just before seven and decided that rather than spend a rushed few minutes at Caffe Nero I would have a leisurely breakfast at home and then drive straight to Fleetwood.  The drive was quick and easy, I parked up at the end of the prom and unpacked my bike.  Within a few minutes of cycling I slid on some block paving that I assumed was icy, but when Simon and I inspected it a few hours later there was no sign of ice, but it was still plenty slippery.   A couple of friendly workmen, came over to check on me but I jumped up and down a few times and everything seemed to be working fine, so I jumped back on my bike and had an excellent (although slightly cautious) ride to Cleveleys.  I parked up at Cafe Cove and walked into the centre, I bought a pack of peas from Tesco and then had breakfast at Vincent’s with the peas working their magic on my thigh and hand for 20 mins.  Simon arrived at ten and we walked to Fleetwood, it was a good walk, but the wind was very icy, for most of the walk the sun was out though with only a brief flurry of sleet.

By the time we arrived back at the car I was pretty sore and my arm and hand were hurting quite  a bit but I managed to drop Simon off at his house ok.  When I arrived at home though I was having to drive with just my right arm.  I’d decided that a treaty lunch was required and had settled on a bacon baguette and a chocolate a bar, unfortunately we’d run out of baguettes, so I had to hobble to Sainsbury’s, but it was worth it – yum yum!

I watched a TV show about the life and philosophy of the Buddha, took a nap, read a bit, had a bath and dinner and now we are watching Bones, quite ironic sitting here with my jarred bones ‘talking to me’.  I’m looking forward to my second treat meal of the day, cheese on digestives, what’s a painful day for if not to enjoy yummy food!

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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