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I’ve had a lazy day today recovering from yesterdays fall, gentle walking, cycling on my exercise bike, stretching, squatting, hanging etc.  Basically trying to keep my muscles and joints moving while not putting them under too much strain.  It was fairly icy outside and I’m feeling a bit rough, physically battered, tired and headachy so I decided on a day at home.

I had a difficult night, every time I rolled onto my bruised left side I woke myself up and I seemed to do that every few minutes.  Eventually as always happens exhaustion did it’s job and I did get a few hours sleep.  I woke at about 8:30 and went to the Beach Terrace Cafe for an hour.  I walked into town and did a medium shop and then came home.  I then swept, washed and vacuumed the floors, cleaned the skirting boards, sorted out the cats, washed up and had lunch.  Then I had a quick nap and watched an episode of Dr Who.

I had a quick chat on Facebook with Stephie who was telling me about the project she’s been working incredibly hard on this week, the theme was Urban Justice and her group presented their recommendations to the municipality of Amsterdam, their idea was a time bank into which students would have to donate 1 hour a week of community service, to be drawn on by the elderly in return for services they would bank too.  Steph is flying back to the UK tomorrow to give a presentation in the evening on her time in Japan and then flying back to Amsterdam on Tuesday.  She’s also flying to Paris for Graham’s cousins wedding in Feb, just before Laura visits her for a week.

Following our chat, I made dinner, home made bread and trimmings, for Me, Debbie and Anna and spent an hour working on my hip and knee on my exercise bike, watching Madame Secretary, now I’m watching another episode of Dr Who while writing up these notes, Debbie is making us a fruit salad before we watch TV together.

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