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It’s been the rare day, over the last few months, when I have taken the time to relax at home like I did today. I’ve still done a bit of housework and made some progress in the garden, but mostly I’ve just pottered around with little to show for it except a warm relaxed feeling.  That feeling comes in part from having a really good discussion with Jennie about where she’s going to live in the run up to her baby being born, and thereafter and I’m really comfortable with the way the discussion went.

My day started as usual at about 6:30, reading in bed and trying to wake up.  I’ve noticed over that over the last week I’ve started to wake up once in the night, which is unusual, I think it might be because I’ve neglected to take my daily supplements this week, so I will be experimenting to see if this is in fact the case.  I then went to Caffe Nero to read, but today I decided that I needed cake and taking advantage of the burst of energy I started to mull over a conversation I had with Thom and Anna last night about beliefs.  I read through the blog posts I’d written on the topic and decided to write another one, that provided more of a framework for ideas that I’d like to develop.  The basic framework ended up being very simple A Good Life = Living Well + Living Right, I’ve already written quite a bit about Living Well, but Living Right provides a lot of opportunity for study.  By sheer coincidence as I was walking along the beach, having just published this blog post, I started to listen to a podcast about The Righteous Mind, which was quite relevant to Living Right, although with a much narrower perspective than I was considering.

Back home I did a couple of loads of washing, cleaned the floors, had lunch and then headed out into the garden.  My objectives for today were to level the raised beds, put down the weed stop matting on the paths and cover with bark chips and dig up the huge bushes in the rockery behind the garage and I’m pleased to say that I’m 90% finished, stalled only by running out bark and of space in the green bin.  I’ve also covered almost all of the garden area with cardboard now to control the weeds.

I then came in and had the good chat with Jennie and am now reading and writing, Debbie will be home soon and it’s my night off from cooking.

After dinner I jumped on my exercise bike and watched Madame Secretary, while Debbie read the TES magazine, then we sat down to watch Bones.

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