Musical Bedrooms


Today’s focus has been to try and find a good solution to Jennie and Jon’s living arrangements and to provide the best environment for them all to thrive with the baby.  In the end I think we’ve decided that they will move into our bedroom and we will move into her smaller one.  Once Jon gets a job then we will look to supporting them to get a place of their own.  That discussion took most of the afternoon and into the evening with Debbie and Anna, I think it’s a good interim solution, to a complex situation.

My day started in a more relaxed fashion, at Caffe Nero for an hour, then walking along the beach to the Beach Terrace Cafe for another hour.  Then back into town to do the shopping and home.  Once home as usual it was cats, cleaning, washing, and lunch then I finished off digging out the bushes in the back garden before having a nap.  After the discussion with Jennie and Jon we spent some time discussing plans for changing the two rooms around and then I did some reading and baked bread for dinner.

Steve Richards

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