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I decided to go to Filey this week, I can keep looking at the weather forecast forever trying to find the perfect week, but in the end I just needed to decide.  There were a few factors that prompted the decision, walking in the local area was getting a little stale, I wanted a break from housework, I wanted some time to think, my favourite cafe is closed in February and I didn’t want to wait until March, the weather looked better than it was here, the total cost for the 4 nights was £134!  So I made the decision, I’m taking Tess to college and then walking around Rivington in the morning and then driving over in the afternoon.  I think I will be spending Tuesday (rainy) in Hull and then the rest of the week hiking, I’m taking my bike and I’m excited!

I cycled to Caffe Nero in Lytham this morning, spent an hour there and then went for an hours walk, returning to Lytham in time for breakfast at Bertie’s, which has definitely become my favourite place for toast!  I’m adjusting my morning routine a little now, favouring only an hour at a cafe rather than two, because I don’t like to spend so long sitting and I’m enjoying the change.  I’ve been experimenting with my sleep as well and the evidence so far suggests that when I take my supplements I sleep through the night, when I don’t I wake up at least once.  I’m not sure whether it’s worth trying to isolate which supplement it is that has the affect, my suspicion is that it’s the two that boost dopamine levels, so I might try stopping and starting each of those over the next couple of weeks.

After cycling home I had a mad hour packing the car, I’ve not travelled since September, so I’m a little out of practice, while I’m at Filey I will go through all of my various bags and rationalise what I need.  I rang the Filey bay office direct to book my apartment and they were very helpful, much better than booking on the web via Hoseasons, especially as when you book direct they allow me to change my booking to another week free of charge, very useful if I have a flare for example.  The rest of the afternoon was spent watching an incredibly moving TED talk about how animals think (see below), which I had to watch twice, cooking, cleaning and shopping.

The Green Thumb company is coming to scarify the lawn tomorrow, so it’s going to look a real mess when I get home, but hopefully it will be worth it in the long run.

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