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Four day breaks are perfect, they provide plenty of time for exploring and variety, they’re not long enough for home sickness, but it’s still nice to get back to the comforts of home.  On my last break in Filey in September I really suffered badly from depression, made worse by the fact that I was there for 7 days and also withdrawing from Pregabalin. This trip was very different, not a hint of depression, although the quirky decoration of the apartment took a little getting used to!

I had a fairly disturbed nights sleep last night for some reason, possibly because I had a couple of cans of diet coke with my dinner, why coke? Well I was incredibly thirsty after all of yesterdays activities and I desperately wanted something cold to drink and coke was easy to get. I must admit that I quite enjoyed it, but I’m back on my no bottled/canned drinks lifestyle now.  I still woke up early enough to go for a long walk along the beach and watch the sunrise before I had to leave at 10am.  The wind was very strong when I walked through the development, but as I turned onto the beach it was completely sheltered by the cliffs, making for a very pleasant wander.

The drive home was uneventful, but very windy as well.  I was a bit nervous about the bike as I drove over the Pennines, so I made sure to stop at the A1 services and checked all the straps, it turned out fine.

It was a nice surprise when I arrived home to see that the house was clean and tidy and that most of the washing was done, so all I had to do was unpack, give Tess a hug and I even had time for  a quick nap. I washed my clothes, went shopping and made dinner – fish pie. 

Anna was very excited today as she found out she has another university interview, this one is her second choice – The London College Of Fashion – she has a lot to do as she’s making her outfit and bag!

I was pleased to see that the scarifying treatment that Green Thumb did on Monday looked pretty good, not doing too much damage to the lawn.

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