Recovery Day

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Today was meant to be a recovery day, an essential complement to the previous day’s hiking and cycling.  I’ve found that although I’m able to do a lot more now on a particular day than I used to be able to while working, on average I’m not able to do much more, that means for every day of intense activity I need a rest day or two to recover.  I switched off my alarm and woke up naturally well before seven, but I rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour.  That still gave me plenty of time to potter around the house before getting on my bike.  I was planning to cycle to Lytham and Bertie’s, but it started to rain just as I was leaving so I diverted to St Anne’s Caffe Nero and I was pleased I did.  One of the barista’s there is due to go on maternity leave on Sunday, but she was feeling ill today so it turned out it was her last day.  She’s always very kind to me, giving me free milk each day for example, so I was pleased that I got chance to pop into WH Smiths and buy her a card and pop some cash in it for her.  I spent an hour there and then as the rain stopped went to Bertie’s for breakfast.

I then walked through the park and long the green and back, popped into the iron mongers before cycling home.  I’d bought some hooks to finish off my raised bed design and I attached them when I arrived home and they work really well.  I will be finishing all of them tomorrow, provided the rain holds off, once those are done and my cloches made I will be moving on to tidying up and then planting.  It’s hard to work in the garden right now though as the ground and grass are very waterlogged, and easy to damage, I spent today walking around on old carpet to mitigate some of the trampling.

I then spent a couple of hours searching high and low for a folder that Debbie had lost, I’d assumed it was lost during the move of her room, but after combing through hundreds of bit’s of paper, boxes, in trays, folders and bookcase shelves ‘twice’ I finally found it — exactly where I told her it was last week.   As a result I was late making dinner, so I spent the rest of a frantic afternoon, cooking, making smoothies, washing up and cleaning.   Well frantic is probably over-stating it a little as I did manage to take a nap and pop out in the car to enjoy the sunset. 

As it happens it was a good job dinner was late as Jennie was very late and Debbie had a dentist appointment, so she was running late too. So when I finally served up everyone had arrived and we all got to eat together, except for Tess, who’s just arrived having had her hair done.  Anna had her interview for The London College of Fashion yesterday, so she’s bubbling with excitement waiting to know whether she’s been offered a place and she’s also waiting to hear if she’s going to get an interview at Central St Martin’s – her first choice.

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