Windermere East and West

2016-02-10 13.12.44

The weather was absolutely superb today in Windermere, so I couldn’t resist a trip up there.  I modified my usual routine and parked my car at Ambleside and cycled to Bowness for breakfast, it was much better that way round as the hard hilly bike ride was out of the way when I was fresh and I got to rest up at Bowness Cafe before the walk.  The hike was superb, the best weather I’ve ever had, especially in February!

I had another excellent nights sleep, woke up when Debbie did and went to Caffe Nero Lytham to wake up.  Had a good drive and a good walk, and ate sparingly so did a kind of exercise induced fast.  When I arrived home I had a quick nap, until Tess woke me up to tell me about her day and enlist my help in mending Jennie’s picture frame.  I then made a few fish pie’s up for today and tomorrow.

Finally I popped into town to do the shopping and Debbie and I are now watching Grim.  Tomorrow I will start tapering my med’s again to find the minimum dose that stops the restless leg and keeps me asleep all night, and will be taking it easy, before cycling on Friday.

Steve Richards

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