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2016-02-09 08.21.18

Finally after a couple of weeks work the house has been returned to normal, Debbie has a lovely office and Jennie has a great bedsit, a lot of clutter has been sorted through and donated to charity shops, or found it’s way to the tip.

I switched the alarm off last night and decided to get as much sleep as possible and it worked out well.  I took 50mg Pregabalin and Cocodamol, the same as the last two nights, and slept superbly.  I woke around 8am and went for a walk along the prom and enjoyed the fantastic sunrise and then went to Caffe Nero and luckily got my usual seat.  I walked back home after a little shopping and found Jon and Jennie already home and tinkering.  Jon and I did the heavy lifting and then I left the two of them to assemble their new bed, while I trimmed the bottom of Debbie’s door, which now closes very smoothly. I gave the room a final tidy up, as Jennie has been using it as her bedroom.

Then after a quick lunch I started the major work in Jennie’s room, which involved a huge amount of lifting and lugging for a couple of hours, with lots of work to relocate the home server, modem, Wi-Fi etc. up on top of the cabinets and out of the way.  Then I started work putting the rest of the house back together, returning the huge number of tools to the garage, creating piles of rubbish for the tip and charity shops, vacuuming, cleaning, three loads of clothes, cats and on and on.

I was just finishing off as Debbie walked in the door, and I was pleased not to be cooking and letting Toby’s do all the work.  We walked into town to finish off the shopping and now we are watching Grim.

I’m planning to do zero work on the house tomorrow, heading instead up to Windermere.

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