Allotment Diary–Saturday 11 June 2016

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Today has been mostly raining, so the focus has been cropping, I pulled a row of radish and planted some new red lettuce seeds that I’m keen to try, I’m a massive fan of any red leaved plant, both for the looks and the health benefits and I have half a dozen growing now.

2016-06-11 10.17.12

Then I cropped lots of brassica leaves from my various ‘pick and come again’ beds and also trimmed some of the bigger leaves from my main beds.  I’ve been quite pleased with the inter-planting of brassicas between the strawberries, I’m thinking that they attract the slugs and snails away from the berries, don’t do any harm and will be picked and pulled before they outgrow the little fruit cages that they are living in.  I’m picking any leaves that shade the berries as they grow.

2016-06-11 09.33.48

Finally I picked a few bags of salad leaves for the weekend.

I got caught by the rain, but fortunately I have a deck chair in the shed, and the allotment has excellent 4G coverage, so I’m sitting here on my laptop, writing this post, while I wait for the rain to stop.


2016-06-11 10.52.01

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