September Allotment Tour (Steve’s plot)

September is such an important month for me as I’m transitioning almost all of my beds over to their autumn and winter crops and putting the cold frame tops on. This year though I’m having to delay a few beds because they have late crops in them (sweet potatoes, French beans) are holding root veggies for storage (carrots and beets) or are just too popular (New Zealand spinach). Today’s tour shows that transition half completed with the rest of the beds, awaiting seedlings that are still fine for a few weeks in my mini-greenhouse. 

I will be starting a few trays of new seeds each month from now on, some (spinach, lettuce) will be over-wintered in the hoop tunnels to provide super early new veg next year, others will end up in the hot beds at the beginning of February. The rest will fill gaps that arise over the next few months (miners lettuce, lambs lettuce). Don’t worry I’ve not forgotten about onions, broad beans and garlic, they are all going on Jennie and Debbie’s plots. 

This video is much longer than usual for some reason, I hope this doesn’t spoil it for anyone. As a ‘treat’ for sticking with it I end with a look at today’s mega harvest, the biggest yet.

Steve Richards

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