Robin Helps with the September Kitchen Garden Tour

2017-09-19 11.59.03

Today it’s the turn of the kitchen garden for a tour and you find me just back from a bike ride with grandson Robin. The garden is doing well, the tomatoes have unexpectedly fed us for another month, the second sowing of golden beets might mature in time for winter, the carrots are amazing, the perpetual strawberries have been fantastic through August and look set to continue for at least another month and we are still getting a couple of handfulls of blueberries a day.

I’ve just planted up a bed of winter salads, next to the herbs and we have chard and kale for those winter days that we don’t want to venture out to the allotments.

The allotments still provide 90% of our veg, but it’s still convenient to have emergency fruit and veg in the kitchen garden and we think it looks nice too!

Steve Richards

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