Daily Archive: July 10, 2004

More loss of direction around Exchange?

Ed Brill makes a point in one of his posts about the woes of the Exchange Group in Microsoft, here is the guts of it:

It hasn’t been a good few months for the Exchange product team at Microsoft.  First the Outlook team ships an updated connector for Lotus Domino; then they dismantle their own roadmap; and now they are facing internal competition:

“Our first product here is going to be using Outlook that uses the Hotmail e-mail infrastructure. So you don’t need to have an Exchange Server if you’re a small business; you can just use Hotmail and you can have that synchronized experience, as well as the calendaring and everything else with other people who are on Hotmail.”

Sort of confirms the feeling I got when I posted on a simillar topic a while back.  Then I got a bit more encouraged when I posted this.  lets hope for some clarity soon!

More on the conflict between personal productivity and enterprise IT management.

I wrote about this topic a while back.  Its nice to see some discussion starting up on it for two reasons:

  1. Its really interesting, and a topic that deserves more public debate

  2. I want to do some research on it, and need all the input I can get.  My own blog is sort of work in progress research but I want to spend a month or so giving it some real attention

Check out this post which gets the debate started.  Eric Mack has a real good contribution.

In fact if you are interested in personal productivity in general then the discussions on the Getting Things Done site are of a very high quality.