Daily Archive: September 4, 2004

So You Think You Want a Tablet PC

Links and references to get you started with the concept: (also see Welcome! New Tablet PC User) Tablet PC Home Page @ Microsoft Tablet PC How-To Articles Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition: An Overview1 Narrated Tablet PC Presentation Resources for the Tablet PC Developer The MSDN site for Tablet...

Staying Fit & Weight-Less While Working At Home

Home Business recently had an article on this topic and offered the following tips:

Find a professional. There are many experts that can help you plan an individualized diet and exercise program that will benefit you the most while suiting your preferences and lifestyle. Visit professional organizations’ web sites like those of the American Council on Exercise (www.acefitness.org) to search databases to locate certified personal trainers, group fitness instructors, clinical exercise specialists and lifestyle and weight management consultants, or the site of the American Dietetic Association (www.eatright.org/) to find food and nutrition professionals.

When possible, combine business and exercise. Walk to get office supplies or as you talk on your portable or cellular phone; ride a stationery bike while you read your mail; or invite another home business entrepreneur or customer for a game of tennis and afterwards have a business “power” lunch (low-cal, of course).

Plan your meals. Persons who plan their meals and snacks lose weight and eat healthier than those who just grab whatever food is nearby when they are hungry.

Make exercise a regular habit. Skip the cinnamon bun and coffee break and instead schedule short, regular exercise breaks during your work day to dance, stretch, …

Some good news about Longhorn

In this article, InfoWorld talks to Greg Sullivan, lead product manager at Microsoft, about Longhorn and reports: Although it is too early for specifics, Sullivan said Longhorn should be a better performing, more stable, and more secure operating system because it will be based on the Windows Server 2003 SP1 (Service...