Daily Archive: September 24, 2004

Sun’s strategy laid out for all to see!

In a remarkably frank interview Jonathan Schwartz, president and chief operating officer, and Scott McNealy, chairman and chief executive explained their strategy to ZDNet UK.  As I read the interview Jonathan’s blog entries started to take on a greater coherence.  I have extracted the guts of the interview here, and I have added links to a few relevant blog entries by Jonathan:


Step No. 1: Make the argument that Linux equals Red Hat. Linux has become a social force, with all of the free world supposedly cooperating to create an always improving operating system that is forever cheaper and more valuable than the old versions of Unix.

Sun’s view is that Linux is nothing more than Red Hat. The operating system is not about world peace and the charitable work of the world’s great programmers. It’s like every other operating system ever created: It’s about the foibles, greed, mistakes and engineering prowess (or lack thereof) of one vendor — in this case, Red Hat.


Step No. 2: Belittle Red Hat. By collapsing Linux into Red Hat, Sun now has a clear target. It can hammer away at a company, as opposed to …

Blogware features

In her blog kathleen describes how she decided on blogware vs TypePad.  I use blogware to host this blog and I think its great.  One of the features I like is that I often use the public view of the blog when I am browing around, finding old articles etc.  As an author on of the blog, I see some extra options, see below:

For example I see the integration the POST ARTICLE and EDIT ARTICLE links and the POST ARTICLE link automatically sets up the category for you based on where you are in the blog at the time.

The edit link is also good because you can do a search to find and old article and then edit it with a single click. I particularly like this because often when I want to send someone a link to an old article I go to my blog, search for it and then see an error I want to correct :-).

I just wish I could buy it and install it behind the firewall as well.