Daily Archive: November 6, 2004

The Little Money Book

This is a great book to read in the bath just before you go to sleep, very thought provoking but with each thought served up in bite sized chunks.

The book is essentially 50 or so extracts from other books, papers or speeches on the subject of money.  It really is a facinating, if disturbing, read. 

It covers the following topics:

Metal money – all about the origins of money

Money information – all about the virtualisation of money

Measuring money – probably the best chapter – all about the lack of a link between money and happiness and value

Dept money – all about the scary levels of debt in the world

Mad money – stories of the ‘great’ crashes and why/how they happened

DIY money – money alternatives

Spiritual money – other ways to think about money.

I ordered this book from the library, but ended up buying myself a copy it was that good.

What does he do? The importance of top down Journal keeping to programme communication, coordination and team spirit

This is the first in a series of articles about Programme Management.  Many of the things I am going to say apply to project management and to management in general but Programme Management is my focus.  I need to start by setting the scene. 

My experience is enterprise IT infrastructure programmes, so that’s what I will be talking about.  By Programme I mean a collection of projects with many dependencies between them.  By IT Infrastructure I mean all the common IT services that a business needs, desktops, portables, file, print, directory services, communication, collaboration and coordination services, systems management etc, you get the idea.  On my biggest programme, we had approaching 90 different server types so I won’t list them all.

Anyway onto the first topic:

“What does he do? The importance of top down Journal keeping to programme communication, coordination and team spirit”.  

Why you may ask did I pick this topic first?

·        because almost no one does it

·        because it can make a huge difference for very little cost

·        because communication and collaboration and coordination are key to any programme and journals help with all three

·        because I happen …