Daily Archive: November 1, 2004

Workspace modifications I have made to accomodate Stills

Summary Status Description Efficacy Working from home Approved and implemented Allows me to work when I would otherwise be too ill to travel.  Allows me to spread the workload throughout the day reducing intensity. Reduces exposure to infectious agents. Allows more frequent and effective breaks. Reduces stress Allows distraction and...

AOSD Update

When I provided my last update I had just gone back onto 10mg of Steroids and was feeling quite a bit better.  It didn’t last very long and have been having a pertty wild time over the last month as my symptoms have been so variable.  I have also noticed that more “bits of me” are in pain, now added to the long list are Toes, Back, Chest, Jaw.   I have also been working pretty hard trying to get a project finished which turned out pretty well by all accounts so that was quite encouraging, but it did me in so I took last week off as a holiday to recover, but ended up spending most of the time writing and on the phone trying to sort out extended sick pay, dispability living allowance and grant assistance for a special seat and keyboard.  I also took the opportunity to write up some of the most frequently requested information, so I don’t have to keep writing it out, or more likely forgetting important information when people ask.

I have attached the files for anyone who is interested in the drugs and non-drug treatments I have been using.