AOSD Update

When I provided my last update I had just gone back onto 10mg of Steroids and was feeling quite a bit better.  It didn’t last very long and have been having a pertty wild time over the last month as my symptoms have been so variable.  I have also noticed that more “bits of me” are in pain, now added to the long list are Toes, Back, Chest, Jaw.   I have also been working pretty hard trying to get a project finished which turned out pretty well by all accounts so that was quite encouraging. 

Unfortunately it did me in so I took last week off as a holiday to recover, but ended up spending most of the time writing and on the phone trying to sort out extended sick pay, dispability living allowance and grant assistance for a special seat and keyboard.  I also took the opportunity to write up some of the most frequently requested information, so I don’t have to keep writing it out, or more likely forgetting important information when people ask.

I have attached the files for anyone who is interested in the drugs and non-drug treatments I have been using.

Steve Richards

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