St Annes on the Sea celebrates

Picture034_02Apr05Today in our little town we were celebrating the fact that after much campaigning we now have our own town council which gives us a more effective voice at the Borough Council,  celebrations were mainly of a musical nature, and this picture is of one of the local bands.  The town was buzzing, helped by the fact that its was a gloriously sunny day.  We walked home along the beach playing football, which regular readers will know means that physically I am on pretty good form today.

As a small town we face many challenges and difficult decisions concerning for example striking a balance between development, especially Tourist development, and maintaining the spirit of “The garden by the sea”, which was how the town was known in Victorian times. 

Picture028_27Mar05In recent years we have seen a lot of money spent on appropriate development, which has successful regenerated the town centre and this year we are hoping to see further investment in our promenade gardens and in our town centre park.  This picture is of my mum and the kids in one of the beach side cafes.

Steve Richards

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