Thankyou e-Bay! I have a new Tablet

Tc1000Thanks to a great deal  on eBay I now have a brand new TC1100 with 1.5GB of memory and my middle daughter has my old TC1000 and is very happy with it.  The problem is that I dare not let her use the TC1100 otherwise she will know what she is missing!  Here are a few of the highlights so far:

  • The performance is stunning in general by comparison with the TC1000.  To all intents and purposes it is as good as my desktop.  The memory helps of course and it is doing a lot less than my desktop but I am still surprised at how snappy it is.
  • The performance increase really helps with the usability,  switching between documents is almost instant, having 20–30 tabs open in Maxthon as well as a load of PDF’s and Word documents is no problem
  • Inking feels so much more natural now that there is no lag at all and recognition is improved as well.  The Tip opens in an instant and also feels so much more responsive in use
  • VMWare runs great
  • The extra 10GB of space will come in handy for all of those Virtual Machines!


  • I am hoping that I will be able to use my Treo 650, replacing my Treo 600, to control PowerPoint via bluetooth when it arrives next week, that should make for a much easier presentation experience
  • I am hoping that it’s practical to embed the RDP Active X control into my presentations to make my demos that bit more interesting
  • I am waiting to get on the NewsGator beta so that I can finally sync my unreads between my desktop and tablet


Steve Richards

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