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RssimageI find it very difficult to keep up to date with what’s going on in Groove,  I only have 3 workspaces,  but that’s three additional places to go to look for updates.  Last night I mentioned to Doug that there should be a way to subscribe to changes in Groove workspaces via RSS,  I decided to write a blog post to that effect!  I had looked for a tool to do this a few months ago, but thought I would recheck – imagine my delight when I found the RSS Adapter for Groove, on the rapid solution exchange web site.  I upgraded to v3.1 of Groove and it works a treat.  The initial limitation being that it’s only for discussions.  Here are the highlights:

  • Comprehensive information access: reads both the Forms Customizable Discussion Tool and the standard Discussion Tool.
  • Supports users with multiple Groove identities.
  • Runs unobtrusively in the Quick Launch toolbar.
  • Produces an OPML feed index, for importing all your Groove discussion sources into a feed reader.
  • Generate the OPML page at any time.
  • Produces an RSS 2.0 feed for each discussion tool in your workspaces. You can specify the port to use for your OPML and RSS requests.
  • Provides usage statistics including the number of OPML and RSS requests made.

So now I just need to convince everyone to start using discussions more!

BTW,  I know you can get real-time alerts of changes in Groove workspaces,  but that assumes I want to break off what I’m doing every time someone posts, not my preferred working practice!!

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