Update on OnTime

OT2006BoxesIn this post I described OnTime which is a great product for activity and task management (not great for project management), it’s free for use by a single individual.  Well one of the great features appeared to be the ability to integrate it with email.  This is achieved by creating an email account that you can dedicate to OnTime,  you then cc or bcc this account on all you emails and add [#nn] to the subject line (where nn is the automatically created tracking number in OnTime).  OnTime then downloads emails automatically from the account and stores the email and any attachments linked to the task or activity nn.  Even better when people reply to you, provided they “reply to all” OnTime will store their replies.   Useful though this is imagine how useful it is for a team,  if you were lucky enough to get the free offer of a 5 user licence then definitely try it.

Sounds great,  but it wasn’t working in v6.  Please to say it seems to be working great in v6.1 beta.

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