29th Anniversary

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I’ve been feeling a little better today, I’m going to stabilise on this dose of meds for a couple of weeks before I start reducing again, that way I get my holiday in Amsterdam in a stable state.  It’s been nice to get back into my normal routine: swimming, reading at the Beach Terrace Cafe and cycling in the morning and doing chores and home based activities in the afternoon.  Today’s activity was making a couple of raised beds, bringing my total to four, which is the number I need to complete my new planting area.  Once this area is complete I will be disposing of the old rotten beds that I already have and replacing them with new ones.  I’m close to designing the way that I’m going to build the frame for the netting too, it’s all coming together nicely!

It’s our 29th Anniversary today, we are not really celebrators, so we didn’t have anything planned – which was a shame – but we do like our family meals out so I sorted a visit to Toby’s out at the last minute and Tess and Ann were both able to come.  Next year I really must organise something a bit more special, 30 year anniversary’s are worth celebrating!

My Mum came over too and we are planning to do a couple of days of cycling which I’m really looking forward to.

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