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Mum went home today after another morning full of activity.  We swam, relaxed, cycled, fuelled up at Lytham kitchen, walked around Park For You and along green drive and then back along the millionaires prom the green, before cycling home.  My version of a triathlon, and I need a rest day tomorrow, if you can call anticipating a visit to the dentist in the afternoon ‘resting’.

After all the activity and company over the last couple of days, I was quite exhausted this afternoon and a little bored.  My solution to boredom is activity and fortunately I have a house to look after so I set to and did a top to bottom clean and tidy and felt much better for it. 

When Debbie arrived home we decided to go out to Toby’s for a meal and had a lovely walk along the prom and through town on our way home, Jennie had gifted us a £5 voucher which we’d forgotten to use earlier in the week and using it up provided the perfect opportunity to treat ourselves again.

I’ve been watching a view Sam Harris videos today and it’s very sad to see how his incisive, brave efforts to bring clarity to our thinking about dangerous ideas in the world causes him so much grief.  Fortunately he seems to have a lot of supporters to balance out the haters and a good support network.  As they say, all publicity is good publicity so maybe despite the effort he will make progress in making the world a safer, freer, more just place.

We are looking forward to re-starting our binge viewing of Stargate Atlantis tonight after 8 days off!

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