I risked the integrity of my wallet this morning after Caffe Nero and headed to B&Q, I normally avoid the place like the plague as I’m always too tempted by all the DIY treasures, but there are a few things that are just too heavy for Amazon delivery.  Today it was cement for the support posts and roofing felt for my garage extension and they were definitely heavy.  As I was in the area I decided to stock up a Tesco as well and came away with a lot more than I expected, Tesco is almost as unfriendly to the wallet as B&Q but at least it was all food staples.

It’s Jennie and Jon’s fifth anniversary tomorrow and I’m making the food for the family gathering to celebrate.  There’s a lot to prepare, so I started today with two cheesecakes, but I under-estimated the logistics of making so much mix and keeping the fruits separate, the result was a lot of mess and an overly frothy mix, still it should be ok.  Lewis doesn’t like pineapple cheesecake (my favourite) and as it’s his and Tessa’s 1st anniversary today so I made them a strawberry cheesecake to celebrate, when he finally arrives here after work.

With most of the morning spent at Nero’s and shopping, most of the afternoon was dispatched by cooking and preparing the wood for the extension.  I hardly got around to any of the household jobs on my list, it’s just amazing where all the time goes, especially if I manage to get a nap like I did today and an afternoon walk into town.  Sadly though I timed my walk wrong and enjoyed nothing more than gloomy clouds and had to resort to ‘stealing’ one of Paul’s pictures of today’s sunset.

There was a bit of an incident outside the house today, Jennie saw a guy ‘fighting’ with a woman and reported it.  It transpired that she was very drunk and he was trying to wrestle her for the car keys to stop her driving, the police cleared everything up nicely and were very supportive and commended Jen for taking action.

I’m off to pick Tess up now, I’m cooking for Tess, Debbie and Jennie tonight and after I will be swimming and watching Sleepy Hollow later.

Steve Richards

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