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We all like going out for a big family breakfast and Toby Carvery is our destination of choice, of course we like evening meals there too, but breakfasts are less than half the price and just as good and often easier to arrange, especially at weekends.  Today’s breakfast was a particular treat, we had Debbie, Grandma, Jennie, Jon, Steph and Graham, unusually Tess had to work mornings and Anna had to stay home as she was expecting deliveries (which didn’t arrive).  I met everyone there as I’d already been at Caffe Nero for a couple of hours and then after the meal we all went our separate ways.  I walked along the beach to Lytham green and the back home via Witch Wood and the golf course.

After a lunch of cereal I had a nap and then while I was listening to music, Tess and Ann arrived full of beans and desperate to tell me all about the presents that they’d bought for everyone else.  They really are full of Christmas spirit and loving shopping for gifts.  We had a lovely long chat and then we walked into town, me to do a bit of last minute shopping and them to drop off some returns at the post office.  Anna is very well known there and earlier she’d dropped off a big box of chocolates for the staff (one of three that Tess got free from work) so they were even happier to see her than usual. 

I then met Deb and Grandma at the station and we waited for her train to arrive before walking home along the prom (see photo).  Well that was the plan, but Deb decided to pop into Aldi and managed to witness quite the confrontation between two men, too proud to stand down from a simple misunderstanding, after far too much aggressive posturing, threats of calling the police and intervention by the staff everyone escaped without physical violence – phew.  I walked out on the beach to capture a few nice pictures and then walked home with very cold hands!

Tess and Ann arrived just after us, bubbling with excitement over yet more present acquisitions, in this case cute baby clothes!  I’m not making dinner tonight, it’s meant to be a takeout night, but it’s turned out that everyone is making their own meals, so actually it’s probably chaos, I wish I’d made dinner instead now as Debbie will probably end up having to orchestrate things, when she should be resting.

I’m looking forward to a quiet night, back in our usual routine, before we have Christmas and guests again in a few days.  I might even motivate myself to go swimming, only time will tell.

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