Update on X1

As I have mentioned before I use X1 for all of my local system searching, a friend of mine asked how I was getting on with it, he is using Blinkx.  So here is an update.

  1. I am running X1 on Windows 2003 Server, its not supported but it seems to run just fine.  I have moved the indexes out of my local profile and onto my data disk, but thats the only change to the standard configuration.
  2. I don’t have it configured to autostart when I login because I often have multiple sessions running, one console and the others using Windows Terminal Services, I only have it running in my console session.
  3. I have it indexing 27,000 files out of a total of 130,000 on the machine.
  4. I have had the odd machine slow down when its doing some heavy indexing, like my database of RSS feeds, but since thats 44,000 items I don’t hold that against it as its only when I rebuild the index, (for reasons of my own making)
  5. Some people don’t like the fact that it has tabs for email, attachments, file and contacts but I think its great because I generally want to search within these scopes not across them
  6. I find the type down searching just perfect, on my machine its effectively instant and the great thing about it is after entering just a few clues you often only have one or two matches and its easy to just look at the document previews to find the correct one.  Without type down you end up building really complex searches that are a waste of time
  7. The document preview is still the killer feature for me, I almost always use it rather than opening the actual file.  For RSS feeds there is never a need to open Outlook.
  8. Lotus Notes indexing is not there yet, nor is support for phrases.  Although a new version is due version is due very soon and promises these.  Lotus Notes is important to me,  I generally manage just fine now without phrases however.
  9. I picked up my copy cheap because I had already purchased Newsgator, (there was a discount if you purchased both together), which I thought was a fine deal, discount after the fact.  I think this is the first time I have ever seen such an offer before.

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