Great roundup of Windows Terminal Server products

For years, Citrix has been the only choice for software to power server-based computing environments. Sure, Microsoft’s Terminal Server products were out there, but their features paled in comparison to those of Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server.

However, as Terminal Server continues to gain ground as a standalone solution, many people wonder whether they need to spend money on Citrix or if Terminal Server is enough on its own. Additionally, people often wonder whether any of the smaller, third-party vendors’ products are worth looking into.

This article will help you answer these questions. In it, we’re going to look at the features of Microsoft’s newest Terminal Server offering and Citrix’s newest MetaFrame Presentation Server offering. We’ll also look at several smaller vendors—Jetro Platforms’ CockpIT and BoostIT products, Tarantella’s Secure Global Desktop Terminal Server Edition, DAT Panther, PowerTerm WebConnect, and HOBLink JWT.

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