Office 12 – Client Deployment Related Topics

 Client Deployment
Understanding a language-neutral/multi-MSI design & multilanguage deployments (Presenters: Brad Corob/Amanda Hartin) This session will cover:
· Benefits of a language-neutral architecture
· The multi-MSI design
· Using the Office 12 setup controller and admin drag-and-drop
· World-wide deployment of multiple products and multiple languages
Tools and strategies for getting through Office 12 migration (Presenters: Paul Barr/Tony East/Brian Jones) How should we handle migration to the new file format? What should we do about some divisions in our company using Office 2003 or older while others already are on Office 12? This session will cover these topics and also will present an overview of a new MSP (patch) based customization and maintenance infrastructure integrated into setup.
Office diagnostics (Steve Greenberg) Some users of Office have terrible experiences and crash repeatedly. Office Diagnostics, a new tool included with Office 12, attempts to deal with this problem. Included are a set of diagnostics that identify and fix common causes of systemic instability. Come to this session to hear about the goals of the Office Diagnostics team and the work that’s been done so far. Provide us with feedback that will help us refine this V1 tool before we ship.
The Office 12 Resource Kit, the Office Migration Toolkit, and prescriptive deployment guidance (Presenter: Mike Jorden) The ORK will be completely redesigned for Office 12.  Come see the new direction to learn how much more valuable this resource will be. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the Office Migration Toolkit.
Where’s My Content? Office’s revised security model (Presenter: Colin Birge) Tired of clicking through security warnings?   Want to keep your secure defaults and still get work done?  Office 12 provides new ways for administrators and users to easily run the solutions you want while avoiding viruses, Trojans, and other hacks.  Learn about how to set up Office 12 in order to provide the best possible security and user experience.
Privacy in Office 12 (aka But I didn’t WANT to show everyone my previous revision!) (Presenter: Colin Birge) Privacy is about more than protecting your personal data.  It’s also about knowing what data you’re sending out, and who’s reading that data.  Office 12 introduces new tools and new information to help you manage the personal information in your documents.  You can also enforce your preferences in allowing Office to contact Microsoft for Web-based services.  
Migrating settings and deploying solutions securely (Presenter: Ambrose Treacy) The goal of this talk is to cover the ability to match Office 2003 settings with new Office 12 settings and also to spend time talking about new options to deploy trusted solutions to trusted locations that “just work” without tweaking security settings or asking users to answer security dialogs.
Panel discussion with MS IT deployment gurus Pick the brains of the people who plan and manage the Office System deployment at Microsoft. This will be the Q&A continuation of the lunchtime speech.
File Format migration – repeat in brief (Presenters: Tony East/Brian Jones) If you missed the talk on tools and strategies for getting through Office 12 migration, this session will repeat just the file-format migration portion of the longer talk.
Migrating Spreadsheets to Excel 12
(Eric Patterson)
Understand the new Excel architecture and what it will mean for migration to 12 and compatibility with previous versions.

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