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 Data & Business Intelligence
Office 12 Business Intelligence overview
(Eran Megiddo)
This session will introduce the Business Intelligence investments we have made in Excel, Visio, and SharePoint and explain how they integrate with the overall Microsoft BI platform and strategy.
Analyzing and visualizing data using Excel 12 (Presenter: Allan Folting) Learn how Excel 12 makes it easy to connect to data and design and explore data with next-generation PivotTables and PivotCharts. We will cover the new layout tools, the new filtering and sorting capabilities, and new exception highlighting and conditional formatting features that will help business users analyze and explore their data to uncover exceptions, trends, and insights.
Querying external data with Excel 12 formulas (Presenter: Howie Dickerman) This session will instruct you in the use of new Excel OLAP Formulas that enable querying external data and leverage all the power of Excel calculations, layout and formatting. We will demonstrate how you can build a wide variety of reports that were not possible before, including asymmetric reports, “T” reports, and reports which blend multiple data sources.
Publishing Excel Spreadsheets to the enterprise (John Campbell, Dan Parish) This session will discuss the end-to-end scenario for sharing and managing Excel spreadsheets — from completing the authoring in Excel to publishing it to many different users for viewing and interacting in a secure and managed way.  It will cover publishing from the Excel client, workbook security in SharePoint, and viewing and interacting with workbooks on the server. You will learn how to use new SharePoint security and policy features in conjunction with server side spreadsheet calculation and rendering to solve the “one version of the truth” problem for Excel in the enterprise.
Report Center: The hub for Business Intelligence in the portal (Chris McKulka/Brian Welcker) This session will review Report Center and how it enables users to manage and view the latest spreadsheets, reports and Business Intelligence information. You will see unique features that focus on delivering reports vs. documents and learn how to customize an out of box Report Center to enable users to find the information most useful to them. You will see how SharePoint together with new Excel functionality on the server integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services to provide a true hub for BI in the portal.
Building dashboards and KPIs in the portal (Presenter: Chris McKulka) This session will demonstrate how information workers can build compelling visual dashboards that aggregate Key Performance Indicators, Excel spreadsheets and Reporting Services reports into one unified view. You will learn how to setup dashboards, customize them and use new controls to filter entire dashboards.
Data visualization with Visio (Presenters: Matt Adereth /Bill Morein) Using Visio, learn to create rich, live visualizations of Excel, Access, and SharePoint data. This session will focus on real world scenarios using Visio’s Data Mapper and PivotDiagram features.
The Business Data Catalog: Line of business data in the portal (Presenter: Jonah Burke) New capabilities in SharePoint enable you to register external databases and web services with the portal and leverage that data across the portal. Learn how to display external data using out of box web parts, collaborate on data in SharePoint lists and index external data using SharePoint search.
Business scorecarding, budgeting, planning, forecasting & financial management with “Biz#” (Presenters: Ryan Burma/Sanjay Jacob) Office 12 includes a new Business Intelligence investment area called Business Performance Management (BPM).  This session will provide exposure Microsoft’s BPM strategy as well as a functional and technical overview of the upcoming BPM applications codenamed “Biz#.”  Included in this session will be live product demonstrations of Biz# scenarios including Business Scorecarding, Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting.  
Making connecting to data easy, secure, and manageable (Presenters: John Campbell/Andrew Datars) Find out how to centrally manage external data connections and how they are created, shared, and secured between the client and server. Learn how to use Data Connection Libraries to help end-users find and connect to data, and help administrators manage data connections across the enterprise. Learn how to use SharePoint Single Sign On to securely connect to data.
Next Steps: Setting-up and evaluating Office 12 BI features (Presenter: Sanjay Kulkarni) This session will teach you everything you need to know in order to successfully evaluate Office 12 BI features. How should you prepare for BI solutions in your organization?  It will cover setting up Excel and SharePoint to enable data analysis and visualization, server based Excel spreadsheet calculation and rendering, dashboards, and Report Centers. And will discuss the different topologies available and security, performance and scalability considerations.

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