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The new Office user experience (Presenter: Jensen Harris) Office 12 introduces a substantially redesigned user interface designed to make the core Office programs easier to work with.  This session will review the design principles behind the new user interface and explore in depth how it will make it easier for users to find and use a greater range of Office capabilities.
Outlook 12 & Exchange 12 — Even better together (Presenter: Dan Costenaro) Hear about all of the “better together” investments this release, including Account Setup, Cached Sharing, OOF, Free/Busy, and more.
Core spreadsheet advances in Excel 12 (Presenter: Joseph Chirilov/Brandon Weber) Excel 12 offers the mainline spreadsheet user a number of advancements that speed up common tasks and enable results that were not possible in past versions. Learn about the new spreadsheet functions as well as the next generation formula UI, both of which are direct responses to common customer problems and requests. This session also covers the Excel 12 investments aimed at working with tables of data in the grid, which improve tasks performed by virtually 100% of spreadsheet users.These include improvements to sorting and filtering, formatting, calculating on table data, and data visualization.
Create great looking documents effortlessly (Presenters: Joe Friend/Matt Kotler) Learn how Office 12’s improved user experience plus enhanced graphics and formatting tools will let you get your message across with more clarity and impact by creating professional looking documents easily.
Charting in Office 12 (Presenter: Kris Tolle) Charts have received a complete facelift in Office 12 with better integration across Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, improved workflow, more discoverable options, and easier ways to create professional looking charts that sizzle.
Harnessing unstructured information with OneNote (Presenter: Owen Braun) OneNote 12 features improved organizational tools, tighter integration with Office, and enhanced sharing capabilities, along with responses to many of our customer requests. This session will describe the role OneNote plays today in customers’ information ecosystems, talk about the roadmap for the future, and show off some of the new features for this release.
Overview of PowerPoint 12 and a look into new graphics capabilities (Presenter: Nathalie Collins) This session will walk-through the new PowerPoint features and graphics capabilities, including: how to create a presentation using new custom template capabilities; create impressive charts, tables and diagrams using Office Art improvements; and take content from an existing presentation through the slide library, making it easier and faster to create PowerPoint documents or presentations.
InfoPath tools for information workers (Presenter: Josh Bell) An introduction to form creation for the InfoPath rich client: This session will focus on codeless form development, and highlight the Office 12 enhancements in the rich client and design mode, including the Design Checker, Word Import, Template Parts, and many other new features
Outlook 12 – Improved Outlook Calendar reliability (Presenter: Dan Murillo) Learn about the changes made to meeting workflows in the Outlook Calendar to help make sure it’s accurate and up-to-date.
InfoPath Forms for Outlook (Presenter: Nate Stott) Learn how to use InfoPath’s Outlook integration to deploy, collect, and analyze information.  This session will cover the InfoPath integration touch points, the use of property promotion to group and sort information in Outlook folders, and how to use form information for more detailed analysis.
FrontPage 12 overview — a professional Web design tool (Presenter: Rob Mauceri) FrontPage 12 is a great tool for professional Web designers and information workers alike.  Learn about deep support for working with Web technologies like CSS, XHTML and ASP.Net, and powerful new tools such as read/write data web parts and a workflow designer for building SharePoint applications.  See how the new FrontPage Contributor Mode allows IT managers and site administrators to keep fine grain control of how FrontPage is used to edit and customize Web sites.
Publisher 12: Beyond small business (Presenter: Rob Dolin) Departments within larger organization share many of the marketing needs of small businesses. This talk looks at some of the ways in which Publisher 12 empowers information workers to do effective print and e-mail marketing communications themselves when hiring a designer isn’t an option.
Visio 12 overview (Presenter: Eric Rockey) Learn about the powerful new capabilities of Visio 12 including data visualization as well as new features that make it dramatically faster and easier to create great looking diagrams.
Scaling up your spreadsheets: Bigger, faster Excel spreadsheets (Presenter: Chad Rothschiller) Excel 12 offers more rows and columns, faster calculation abilities, and less constraining limits around cell contents, formulas, and more. In this session you will learn details about Excel’s larger grid and what you need to do to take advantage of it. You will also learn about the many architectural limits that are being increased for Excel 12 (e.g. a cell can now display more than 255 characters!). Finally, you will learn how Excel is able to divide up formula evaluation & computation tasks (a.k.a. the calculation chain) onto multiple calculation engines which run simultaneously, making Excel’s overall calculation times faster, when running on PCs with more than one processor. This session will also provide hands-on tips and tricks that you can begin applying with Excel 12.
Making Access approachable to information workers (Presenter: Clint Covington) Market trends show that tracking information is becoming integrant part of information workers activities. While previous releases of Access required specialized expertise to build database applications, Access F6712 makes it possible to quickly jumpstart a new database, easily collect data and create rich reports, with little database experience. This session will cover:
· Introduction to database templates and new user model
· New features that enhance any Access application including easy filtering, attachments, rich text, and date picker.
· Extend templates by adding fields to tables, forms, and reports
· Easy creation of new reports
· Collect data using html or InfoPath forms via e-mail
Building tracking apps with Access and WSS (Presenter: Suraj Poozhiyil) Sharing data with others is becoming a necessity in any work environment. When you connect a rich client tracking tool with a web-based collaboration platform you empower information workers to easily access data and process it for better-informed decision making. This session will cover how Access 12 and WSS together enable new usage scenarios to create business impact:
· Connect to SharePoint lists
· Take lists offline
· Rich data features such as append only and version history
· Advertise forms and reports in SharePoint
· Migrate Access applications to SharePoint
· Workflow on SharePoint lists
Quality template solutions with Word (Presenter: Roberto Taboada) This session will show you how to create robust and professional template solutions that will improve your employees productivity and increase the quality of the documents they’re able to produce. We will introduce you to the following new features you can use to build your templates.
This session will cover:
· Document parts
· Smart placeholders
· Themes/quick formats
· UI customization
· Basic data binding
· Migration/deployment tips
Overview of Microsoft Office Project 12, including Project Professional and Server (Presenter: Dieter Zirkler) This session will drill into the new capabilities of Project 12 (Project Std/Pro and Server)
Getting in the Groove – An overview of the newest member of the Office family (Presenter: Marc Olson) Learn about Groove Virtual Office:  what it is, how it works, enterprise deployment support, and the roadmap for Office 12.  Workspace-centered collaboration complements e-mail and other existing tools by providing a centralized location where you can bring together the people, information and tools you need to get work done on time and within budget.  As a result, team members can interact directly with colleagues and clients in real-time, and within the context of their shared work.  Groove’s value comes when the members of the workspace span enterprise boundaries, are frequently mobile or disconnected from the network, or are distributed across multiple geographic locations.  
Office 12 & Real-Time Collaboration This session will cover:
·Overview of LiveServer and introduction to LiveServer TAP  
·Design review geared around O12 and Communicator 1.1 integration scenarios
Creating SharePoint applications and designing custom workflows with FrontPage 12 (Presenters: Eray Chou/Alex Malek) FrontPage makes SharePoint great.  Learn how to build rich SharePoint applications quickly, easily, and without any coding.  Demonstrations include our next generation read/write Data View Web part, as well as, our powerful workflow designer. 
Professional quality spreadsheet output with Excel 12 (Presenter: Roy Simkhay) Excel 12 will add a host of new features to make formatting a professional looking spreadsheet and producing quality output simpler and much faster.  Find out how these great new features will enable your organization (and you) to look your best when presenting your numbers to both internal and external clients.

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