WinFS on XP, a VERY big deal!

WinfsIt’s been widely reported (see this article for example) that Microsoft are back porting WinFS to XP.  This is a very intelligent strategy on Microsoft’s part.  A few months ago I wrote about strategies that Microsoft could adopt to compete with Linux, well I missed the most important strategy, which goes like this:

  • Back port the pillars of Longhorn to Windows XP
  • Wow 3rd party software developers with the new platform capabilities (PDC Tech-ED)
  • Convince their bosses that a new version of their applications – that takes advantage of these capabilities – will allow them to sell more copies, or convince people to upgrade
  • Establish Longhorn’s credibility as a stable and secure platform (because of the Longhorn Fundamentals)
  • Fix the problems that prevent applications running without admin priv and make installation with admin priv easier.
  • Demonstrate that Longhorn and XP can provide both Rich and Reach capabilities, via Terminal Services,  an upgraded Web browser and Smart Client support in the form of Java and Click Once .NET applications (in .NET Whidbey)
  • Convince the hardware vendors that Longhorn will help them sell more hardware
  • Provide time for the new third party applications to arrive that take advantage of Avalon, WinFS and …