Daily Archive: March 15, 2005

Personal Information Lifecycle Managemenet

Information LifecycleMy company is currently re-launching its knowledge management environment, so I thought it would be useful to re-think my requirements from a personal and then (in another blog post) from a team/project perspective. The diagram on the left represents a simplified view of the personal information management lifecycle and I will step through each phase looking at the commodity tools that I think all knowledge workers should have, by right, in todays world.  Then I will discuss some of the more advanced tools that may only be applicable to certain high value processes or industry segments.  First off I make no apologies for the simple model I have chosen to use.  More complete lifecycles have been modelled, for example this one by David Pollard which is a more comprehensive view of the creative process, and if you want to dig deeper go read his work as it’s better than mine!  However I wanted something that was visually simple and easy for people to relate to.

I will be testing my companies project against the content of this document,  it should be interesting!

First off lets deal with the coloured groups,  the green hexagons (subscribe, search and discuss) are ongoing activities …

Health Update

ArthritisAs readers of my blog know I suffer from Adult Onset Stills, a rare disease that affects 1 in about 200,000 people.  Since my last major flare about 13 months ago a combination of Steroids and Immune System Suppresents have managed to get the primary inflammation under control leaving me with chronic pain and fatigue which varies from day to day.  I cope pretty well with this by working from home etc, and its all well documented in this blog.

Right now I just slowly turning the corner after a couple of bad months, but the recovery is very slow and is going in fits and starts. 

Last few monthsThe graph shows the daily symptom levels for the last 6 months.  However progress has been made as follows:

  • I have reduced my Prednisolone levels to 5mg, which is a safe level
  • I have increased my Methotrexate level to 15 mg and the 2 weekly blood tests are showing that I am tolerating it well, ie its not having a toxic affect.  It has however given me migraine headaches every week that last about 48 hours.
  • Luckily my GP also gave me Amitriptyline 35mg for the pain, which also has a common side …

Treo 600 – what do I think of it so far?


I usually end up disappointed when I buy a new gadget and must admit I was a little disappointed with the keyboard.  However in all other areas I have been very pleased.  A combination of the built in software and the fine tuning done by third parties makes it a superb phone, and the integration of “phone and media player” and “phone and address book” and “address book and calendar” are excellent.  The one handed navigation is also top notch with a combination of the application buttons, touch screen and that 5 way nav-pad allowing stylus free navigation for most functions.  Battery life seems excellent as well. 

There is so much great software its difficult to know where to start,  but the neatest (and simplest) I have found so far is Call Director.  If you are unfortunate – like me – to live in a poor mobile reception area this is a perfect utility.  As soon as you pop the Treo in its cradle at home,  it diverts your calls to your home number, in my case between the hours of 8:00 and 22:00, take it out the cradle and call divert is cancelled.  If you plug it into the charger …