Treo 600 – what do I think of it so far?


I usually end up disappointed when I buy a new gadget and must admit I was a little disappointed with the keyboard.  However in all other areas I have been very pleased.  A combination of the built in software and the fine tuning done by third parties makes it a superb phone, and the integration of “phone and media player” and “phone and address book” and “address book and calendar” are excellent.  The one handed navigation is also top notch with a combination of the application buttons, touch screen and that 5 way nav-pad allowing stylus free navigation for most functions.  Battery life seems excellent as well. 

There is so much great software its difficult to know where to start,  but the neatest (and simplest) I have found so far is Call Director.  If you are unfortunate – like me – to live in a poor mobile reception area this is a perfect utility.  As soon as you pop the Treo in its cradle at home,  it diverts your calls to your home number, in my case between the hours of 8:00 and 22:00, take it out the cradle and call divert is cancelled.  If you plug it into the charger in the car it realises there is no PC connected and doesn’t divert.  SpeakerphoneYou can setup manual diverts as well for “in the office” or “divert to wife’s phone” etc which you can activate with one click.   This is particular useful for me because it lets me use my speaker phone or DECT phones for incoming mobile calls.

I am also trialling TakePhone which looks likely to stay,  its a very slick integration of the phone and contact database and I am looking for a utility to divert all but personal calls to voice mail for when I am on holiday or otherwise want to be left alone.

Now if only my company would kindly enable GPRS I could test some browsers and push email as well!

Steve Richards

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just found your site from Palm Addicts. I completely agree with your take on the Treo 600. I just bought one recently, it ‘s my first converged device and I am totally awed by the difference this has made to how I use my Palm. I doubt that I could go back to a non-phone Palm, even with Wi-Fi (both would be good of course.

    When the dust settles over the 650 launch – and prices come down – and it is readily available in UK – and my current phone contract runs out… then I would be interested in upgrading. Until then I am really enjoying the little powerhouse that is the 600.

    Cheers, love your site!

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